Meeting Point in case of shipwreck (intro) - 1996 - 

Meeting point in case of shipwreck

teknivals and free parties

To the travelers…

                                                                               CHORUS ONE

«Welcome friends travelers,

A strange and mysterious world

A mystical pilgrimage ...

I will now tell you my story.

Maybe someday you will tell me yours.


Bad trip

Two words and everything toggles

We go from reality to dream

From dream to nightmare

We cross a border

The border that exists between reality and fiction.

A door.

The door that opens on madness:

In Madness: on the one hand good, on the other evil.

Two doors: that of heaven and that of hell.

A gloomy place that could bear the name of the second door, as if hell was that of Dante, that is to say a country.

A nightmarish country where all demons are real.